I have recently found new ASG’s and have put them on the VIP page.

To get the password, find me on Keiths Chat ( )

On xat my name is ᶠʳᵒˢᵗʸ .

You can also contact me via email ( )







No MKX page?

So I decided to have no MKX page. I would, its just that, my phone broke. Plus I thought I should post, seeing as i havent in a while. (Mainly to let you know im not dead). Also, im officially retired trader/glitcher. So yeah. Bye

Mordred Hacked

NinjaDude Awesomeness

Hello guys it Dumpee here, and I have recently obtained mordredasg. Heres few pictures to prove it: eRVAr13 (1)oZSp6jvand, I can even show you his items: v3zIKvM. Even the email. (THE PASSWORD HAS CHANGED. SO DONT TRY) OHPUf6x. A little bit of proof. I am going to delete it soon so, get it while you can.

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Hey guys. You might have noticed me added to the author’s section, but I’m Green Oak. Read my profile to learn more about me, and if you want to friend me, my user is greenoak1. Happy to be here with you all!

Photo Booth!

[Credit to the PHB and Ultimate iPad Expert]


So on Home Island theres now a photo booth.

Its really fun to mess around with.

Heres a few things I did :


Food Fight! – photoCrop


Scooby Doo! – 1