Poptropica user’s

Here I post Poptropica user’s that I find and want to share with you. So without further ado, I shall un-mask these user’s.

Bronze Claw: ihbm282

Loud Claw: ihbm305

Fast Dolphin: pumpkinhead22

Big Horse: jwarw7

Friendly Ghost: grand178

Dizzy Fox: keithsammut

Bashful Gamer: wp2005

Nice Dragon: jcwarwturo

Grumpy Wolf: darkxeon

Grumpy Wolf: darkion

Undefined Undefined (me): battleforce55

Undefined Undefined (me): battleforce53

Trusty Tomato (me): nana1954

Smart Bones (me): enderman641

Fearless Skull (me): trustyclone

Red Lizard: captaincrawfish500

Motion’s Dummy: dummy_1

Hero of Poptropica: ieges17

The Lizard: jcwarw53

Zany Seagull: w

Zany Carrrot: d

Moody Raptor: v

Dizzy Dragon (me): cyanhair

Crazy Lizard: purpleskin

Creepy Hawk: DobbieRanger

Shiny  Catfish: yomon62

Barefoot Bird: rory3266

Red Lizard: testpoptropican10

Jumpy Speck: ninja68568


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