I have recently found new ASG’s and have put them on the VIP page.

To get the password, find me on Keiths Chat ( )

On xat my name is ᶠʳᵒˢᵗʸ .

You can also contact me via email ( )







No MKX page?

So I decided to have no MKX page. I would, its just that, my phone broke. Plus I thought I should post, seeing as i havent in a while. (Mainly to let you know im not dead). Also, im officially retired trader/glitcher. So yeah. Bye

Photo Booth!

[Credit to the PHB and Ultimate iPad Expert]


So on Home Island theres now a photo booth.

Its really fun to mess around with.

Heres a few things I did :


Food Fight! – photoCrop


Scooby Doo! – 1


Hello guys, its T-God here. So recently, the “rare” costumes (Gretchen Grimlock, Willy Wonka, E.Vile) were leaked. I am here to tell you ALL of the ASGs that I know.

dr.cumulonimbusasg – 7NgJQeC

mordredasg – PSwJXlS

gameshowrobotasg – Btsclwe

Elitesanity_asg#1 (Credit to NinjaDude) – P2mM7BM

willywonkaasg – `

e.vileasg – 2

ghost_story2500 – `````````

GG KeithSammut. GG

So this post is based on KeithSammut. I looked at the BALANCE game leaderboards, and found this… 1111111`1GG.  And his score was 3325432. Good job Keith. Suprised you didnt get the This Month position. That goes to Incredible Carrot:  000000000