Far-Away Head Glitch (Only for Poptropican Followers)

Get a follower that is a Poptropican (Teen Beach Movie 2,Fish,Aligator,etc.) and join a multiverse with a friend who has the Hypno Can

Tell him to use the Hypno Can on your follower

The followers head shoul move away from the body

To make the head extend run around.


“undefined” Friend Glitch

Unfriend any friends you dont want and go back to the game

Reload Poptropcia

If you look at your friends icon it should say the amount of friends you had before

If you go to your friends it will show blank spaces were your friends were

Click on it and it should say “undefined”




Box Swivel Glitch

So, I have no idea how I did this.

I was in my items and then this happened


I call it the Box Swivel Glitch


Empty Box Glitch

 So I was playing, and like the Box Swivel Glitch, it was done by customizing
Here is a picture:

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